What Is xBTC?

One Token access to…

  • A synthetic hedge against BTC’s dominance
  • A synthetic index fund of every altcoin – literally, all of them
  • A token that rewards usage and community
  • An effective trading pair and exchange of value

xBTC gives users one token access to every single digital asset on earth, pegged against Bitcoin dominance.

We call this a “Dominance Hedge.” As the inferior and sluggish Bitcoin loses its dominance, xBTC holders will benefit. DeFi, Social Networks, Gaming, Smart Contracts – all blockchains and use cases are represented by xBTC. With a few clicks of the mouse, users benefit from access to the price action of hundreds of digital assets. This is a brand new type of hedge and asset – this is xBTC.

Market Cap

Dominance Hedge

xBTC introduces a brand new type of hedge, the Dominance Hedge. This is much more adaptive and responsive than a simple price hedge. Instead of tracking price we track how well Bitcoin keeps up with the breakneck pace of all other blockchain technologies.

Total Diversification

xBTC benefits from the success of every single digital asset measured against Bitcoin.

No matter the blockchain, technology or market segment. This is literally the most diversified token in digital assets. It is like a synthetic S&P 500 of digital assets.

Optimize Outcomes

xBTC achieves the Dominance Hedge and Total Diversification through rebasing.

Rebasing uses an increase or decrease in token supply to push the market price of xBTC towards a target price (xBTC’s target is Bitcoin market cap dominance).

We have set two forces against each other to benefit holders through positive rebases: negatively descending Bitcoin dominance versus positively ascending demand. We are the first token ever to employ these innovations.

Effective Trading Pair And Transfer Of Value

xBTC works to keep its price near Bitcoin dominance.

Bitcoin dominance will be much less volatile than individual asset prices. This means xBTC’s price will be less volatile. Rather than reward holders with price swings, we reward them with supply swings. With less volatility in spot price, xBTC can act as a more effective trading pair and transfer of value.

Rebasing Reimagined

Rebasing has been used by many other assets. But every single one we saw was pegged to a price. We think this is short sighted and uninventive. Pegging to a novel oracle that has market repercussions is the central innovation here.

What we are creating is analogous to a synthetic derivative. The traditional derivative market has a notional value of over $600 trillion and a real value of over $12 trillion.


All four of the above features are accessible with a few clicks of the mouse. This creates convenience and speed for anyone who wants to access Bitcoin market cap dominance. We have brought a very complex idea and distilled it into a single token. Anyone who holds Bitcoin (over $150 billion in holders) would want to hedge against its fall in dominance.

xBTC provides one click access to this Dominance Hedge, and by extension, one click access to the success of every single altcoin on earth.

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